East Coast Wagen Werks LLC, located in Wilmington NC, is a locally owned and operated automotive service and repair shop specializing in Volkswagen and Audi.

Why just Volkswagen and Audi? Because, with almost 20 years of factory training, we can save you time, money, and the hassle of repeat visits by sticking with what we know. We strive to diagnose and repair your vehicle correctly the first time and to make sure each customer understands exactly what their vehicle needs and why.


We service all VW and AUDI models, diesel and gas. We can handle everything from oil and filter changes, to scheduled maintenance and dash light diagnoses, to major engine repairs. Our diagnostic software has dealership-level capabilities allowing us to handle any repair or programming on models up to 2015, and we have the special tools needed for these brands. We use only OE parts, fluids, and chemicals to insure your vehicle continues to operate the way VW or AUDI designed it. All repairs (excluding used parts) are covered by a nationwide 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty with a limited 1 year roadside assistance and towing package.


If the timing belt fails, it can cause internal damage to your engine, requiring expensive repairs. We offer a timing belt service with a parts warranty based on the recommended change interval for the belt.


We use only the available OE brands that VW and AUDI use, because they fit, perform and function the best. We can perform pad/rotor replacement, flushes, repairs and diagnosis of ABS, brake and traction control system.


We adhere to the factory recommended maintenance schedule, again using only OE brands but at a fraction of the dealership cost. From oil filters to spark plugs, we utilize quality parts at great prices.


Let us keep your transmission shifting smoothly with factory scheduled services. If needed, diagnosis of transmission system complaints, fault codes, and most minor repairs.


Check engine light, airbag, glow plug, particulate filter, steering, or bulb indicator light on in your vehicle? With dealer level scan tools and factory training, we can diagnose and repair any of your dash warning lights.


With state of the art machines and the experience to back it up, we have the knowledge and skill to perform A/C system diagnosis and repairs - anything to help keep you cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order to correctly diagnose your issue, it requires a expensive scan tool to read the faults, along with proper training and experience to put that information to work. Diagnostic fees usually run between $50 and $75, and, in the rare case more time is needed to determine the cause, we will always contact you before any more time is billed.
No, we are open Mon-Thur 8am to 5pm and Fri 8am to 3pm, but we're closed on the weekends to spend time with our families. If an issue should arise after work hours there is a key drop in the large bay door and we will contact you the next work day.
Yes, the diesel vehicles are a large portion of our customer base, from glow plugs and diagnosis, to rebuilding leaking injection pumps, to drivability concerns. We have extensive factory training and years of experience with the diesel engines.
No, we will give you an accurate estimate up front - before any work is started. We will contact you if any other work is needed, with another estimate before performing any other repairs.
Yes, in order for us to perform the work in a prompt and timely manner, we keep an organized schedule. Please call 910-859-7757 for an appointment.
Yes, we use synthetic motor oils that meet the specification from VW/AUDI required for the extended oil changes and OE brand filters. Some customers choose to stick with the 10,000 mile intervals, while others choose to run 5,000 mile intervals.


  • I found Wagen Werks a few months back when I needed the AC compressor replaced on my 2002 Golf TDI. Recommended to me by a friend, Craig gave me a quote that was hundreds of dollars less than other shops I had called, plus he could do it that same day. I had a fantastic experience and went back this week when I needed my timing belt replaced and a front brake job. Craig again gave me a quote several hundred dollars less than I was expecting to pay. He went above and beyond, spending extra time cleaning up my calipers so I didn’t have to buy new ones and setting my engine timing right where I wanted it. I won’t take my VW anywhere else now that I’ve found Wagen Werks and I’ve already recommended them to friends and coworkers. This is a two-man shop; both of them are the wrench-turners, office guys, and owners. They’re stand-up mechanics and excellent people to do business with.
    Matt C.
    Thrilled to know EC Wagenwerks exists! I don’t mind the 1+ hour drive to Wilmington, but the $1000+ trips to the dealership were getting old quickly. Craig actually found and fixed the problem with the power driver seat and rear windows in our 2008 VW Passat Wagon without replacing the seat and everything attached to it (standard operating procedure at the dealership!). These guys can truly claim the title “technician.” Definitely our first stop shop for repairs and service from now on
    Lynn Ransom
    Seriously will never go anywhere else to get work done on my car. Superb customer service and quick repair for what I needed done. These guys went above and beyond for me and that goes a long way!
    Lucas M.
    I would highly recommend Wagen Werks to anyone with a VW. I have done business with them several times, and it has always been a pleasure. Honest. Reliable. Top Notch Professionals.
    Jonah G.
    I recently had some major repair work done by Wagen Werks on my VW Passat (2007) and they did a fantastic job–and at a reasonable price!! My car seems to be running even better than it was before, and I can’t say enough about how professional and knowledgeable Craig was when discussing the repairs with him before my car was worked on. He was fantastic….highly recommend this auto shop, and will definitely be taking my car back here if I have future issues and/or problems!
    Lisa Zingale
    I am very pleased with Wagenwerks! I recently bought a 2009 VW EOS and had the car checked at Wagenwerks. I received helpful insight with my purchase and they didn’t waste any time! This is an important factor to me considering I nearly live in my car being a real estate agent. This is not my first experience with a mechanic and servicing/repairing my VW’s in Wilmington. Hands down – Cain and Craig are my go-to guys for my VW. They also specialize in Audi of course :) I was referred to Wagenwerks by Dan, with Wilmington Motor Works. Specializing in Mercedes, BMW, & Mini Cooper
    Alexis M.
    They’re 5 stars for me because I trust them. They have patiently answered my questions when I’m in the shop and with phone calls. They know what they’re talking about and they dont nickle and dime me (like other places I’ve been to). High quality specialists at very reasonable prices! They have a life customer with me. I urge whoever is reading this to give them a shot!
    Rocco C.
    First of all, I am a REAL person and not made up nor are my comments. Craig is a great down to earth guy that is easy to work with. He gives you a day and time when your car will be ready and it was. Describes what the issue(s) were and what it will take to fix it. I think his pricing is reasonable and if you have issues after the repair, he is, as was the case with my Passat, quick to replace a valve cover gasket that was leaking without any question(s). I feel confident that if you give Craig the chance to work on your VW or Audi, you will stay with him for future repairs. Great guy.
    Robert S.
    I picked up a 2008 GTI recently with some known problems, and these guys were able to get the car back in working order with a level of expertise and determination that I don’t often see. I am particular about my cars and they kept at it until I was satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend this shop, they will get it done right.
    Bill P.
    We were visiting Wilmington NC from Baltimore and our Audi started acting up on Saturday night. Lights came on, and check engine light too. The code that Auto Zone ran was for a Throttle Pedal Position Sensor. Then the car had no acceleration. We babied it back to the rental house and waited until Monday morning when the Audi dealership opened. They could not get us in for a week, and our rental ended the next day on Tuesday. I called a few other shops in the area and no one could even take a look at it to make sure that was the part I needed. I found Craig at WagenWerks and he told me to come on over. He diagnosed the problem, replaced the part, and we were out of there in an hour!! Craig is friendly, hard working, very knowledgeable, and extremely fair!!! We may not live in the area, but we will definitely be back!!!
    Roksana Chesley
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    About | Team


    It is our goal to provide you with the best service and repair experience possible. We don’t just work on these vehicles – we are owners of them. We believe in the quality of VW and AUDI and look forward to maximizing you car experience at East Coast Wagen Werks.

    Cain Ward and Craig Kiser, the shop’s owner and operators, are looking forward to serving you and your vehicle at East Coast Wagen Werks. With eight years of experience, Cain has been a VW dealer technician and has extensive factory training with certifications in Electrical Systems, Airbag and Safety Systems, and TDI Engines. Craig also worked as a VW dealer technician and has 11 years experience and factory training with Electrical Specialist and Engine Specialist qualifications. Craig has certifications in Airbag and Safety, Engine Mechanical Repair, Eos Convertible, Engine Management, TDI Engines, Electrical Systems, and New Beetle Convertibles.

    Craig Kiser - Owner/Technician/Writer

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    Born and raised in North Carolina, and living in the Wilmington area since 2009. Craig attended Universal Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina in 2001 and after graduating was hired at Bill Black VW in Greensboro NC. After 6 months Bill Black VW was bought by Flow Motors of Greensboro and Craig continued working there up until 2009, when he moved to Wilmington to work at Bob King VW. Craig continued working at Bob King VW until June 2013, when East Coast Wagen Werks opened.

    Craig Kiser - Owner/Technician/Writer

    Craig Kiser - Owner/Technician/Writer

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    Cain Ward - Owner/Technician/Writer

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    Cain was raised in Southport, North Carolina and still lives there with his wife and canine family. He attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston, TX in 2001 and after graduation worked at Cape Fear Land Rover for 4 years. He began working for VW in 2007, first at Low Country VW in Charleston and then later at Bob King VW in 2010. He continued working at Bob king until October 2014, when he began at here at the shop.

    Cain Ward - Owner/Technician/Writer

    Cain Ward - Owner/Technician/Writer

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